Haitian Idioms 

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The Mache

gate san (used as a transitive verb)

literally: spoil blood

meaning: upset

Ou ap gate san’m.

You’re upsetting me.
Sou de chèz (used as adverb)

Literally: on two chairs

meaning: thoroughly, in depth, in great details, quickly

M’ap ba ou li sou de chèz.

I’ll give it to you in great details.
Chape poul (used as verb)

Literally: to escape one’s chicken

meaning: to escape, to run away, to flee

Li te chape poul li.

He ran away.
al bwa chat ( used as inrtansitive verb)

Literally: go wood cat

Meaning: to die.

L’al bwa chat. or (l’al bwachat)

He died.
Ale nan peyi san chapo (used as intransitive verb)

Literally: go in country without hat

meaning: to die.

Li ale nan peyi san chapo.

He died.
achte figi (used as transitive verb)

Literally: to buy one’s face

meaning: to flatter someone

Mwen p’ap achte figi’w.

I will not flatter…

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